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Welcome to Homeless Tails

Where lives are saved every day

Homeless Tails is a non-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill cat rescue organization dedicated to saving and finding loving homes for cats who were abandoned, abused, neglected or simply were not lucky enough to find a forever home. We provide low cost spay/neuter, temporary shelter, adoptions and Trap-Neuter-Return services to all cats in need.

Homeless Tails gives a chance to cats to whom life and society were not kind to.

We strive to right the wrong others did. Our mission is to save as many cats as we can and give them a chance to be happy and loved. We all deserve it !

In 2023 we have saved 490 cats and kittens, all thanks to our generous supporters.

Please read some of their stories, and help us save more.

Over 120 Cats In Need of Being Rescued from Hoarding Situation

   We are dealing with a critical hoarding situation where over 120 cats are living in a  one of the worst situations we have ever encountered. Luckily the vast majority of the kitties are friendly. Donna has to wear a hazmat suit as she is removing them from the house.  So far we have rescued 61 kittens and cats, but many more need our help. Most local rescues are helping but they are at capacity.

   Please consider ANY donation, no matter how small, to help cover the medical care, spay/neuter, vaccines they all need.  It will take a few months to be able to place all kitties in good, forever homes. We are always in need of food - please check Chewy list.

   Please consider fostering or volunteering. Together we can save them all !

   Contact us if you can help in any way ! 

Story on Local news Channel :


TNR, No-Kill Rescue

   We are working on TNR-ing a colony of over 17 cats. Today we trapped 10 of them. They will all be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. We do have a volunteer who will feed them after they are released. But we desperately need cat food for this colony.
   If anyone could donate ANY cat food, wet or dry, would be so much appreciated. And if you would consider being a recurrent donor, and donate one bag of cat food per month - that would be gold !
   Please check our "Ways To Help" tab where we have links to our Chewy wish list.  Thank you for caring !

TNR-ing a large cat colony

Foster, Volunteer, TNR

Help us save these innocent souls from a bad hoarding situation

We got a call regarding an awful hoarding situation, where over 25 cats were found, some in a very bad condition. We desperately need help to save Simone and kittens, Daisy, Bobo and Knucklehead. Please, please help in this very difficult situation.
Simone, had 4 kittens, but only 2 survived – Ramona and Romeo. They are 1 week old gorgeous long haired grey kitties. The three are very bonded – like all mothers and babies.
Daisy is a one year old elegant beauty. She is spayed and extremely sociable.
Bobo is a super sweet one year old neutered tabby and white male. He is absolutely adorable. We actually wanted to call him Honey-Bunch !
Knucklehead is a fantastic one year old male tabby, a bit shy but loves to be held. He needs to be neutered.  
Please, please, help us rescue them. Together we can save their lives. Let’s make their holidays happy and safe. They should not have to pay with their lives for the dreadful situation they were put in. Thank you !

Cat Rescue, Cat Adoptions

     Hi there! We are Sandra and Sierra, the most amazing kitten sister duo. Who would have thought that that day when we were crying desperately out in the street, with no food and no one to take care of us, that day when we had lost all hope, would turn out to be the best day ever? Homeless Tails rescued us, and promised us that everything will be all right. And it is!  

     Look at us now. What do you think is better than being 2 sisters? Being 4 sisters, of course! We play all day long, and listen to stories, and have nice soft beds, and cuddle together at night… Life is wonderful. And now we really have to go and play. 

     We were lucky, but there are so many cats and kittens out there who need help. Won’t you please help them have a better life? You can save us all.

     Thank you!

     Love, Sandra and Sierra

Sandra and Sierra


Here at Homeless Tails we work with communities and individuals to rescue cats in need, and to break the cycle of suffering and homelessness. After receiving medical care, and being spayed/neutered, sociable cats and kittens are placed into foster care and then found loving, forever homes. Feral cats are returned to the neighborhood where they grew up and where the local community cares for them.


What We Do - Saving Lives Every Day

Cat Rescue


Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Cat Foster, Volunteer
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Temporary Shelter

Cat Adoptions

“What greater gift than the love of a cat."

Charles Dickens

Contact Homeless Tails

PO Box 1422, Wayne, NJ 07474

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Thank you for contacting us !

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