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Sandra and Sierra

     This picture is how it all ended. But let's start with the beginning.

     It all started on a cold windy night, as all stories go. We were so hungry, and so afraid. Our mom was nowhere to be seen. What were we supposed to do ? We cried and cried and cried, until a nice lady heard us and called Homeless Tails. Next thing we know....

Copy of Sandra and Sierra.jpg

... we were in this big crate. But we were inside a house and it felt safe. And food magically appeared in our bowls. We slept like babies that night. The next day, we cried a little bit, but got food again, and some toys. And we played, and ate a bit more, and played and just as we were preparing to sleep, without even thinking, we started purring.

     A day passed and then two, and three... All was good but we would have loved to run around and chase each other.. and play with someone else, someone like us. But we didn't know how exactly to tell about our dreams to the lady who was taking care of us. 

     Turns out she is a mind reader !  What do you know... One day, just like that, two beautiful girls, sisters just like us, showed up and they said - "Come home with us !". And we answered right away - "Yes, yes, let's go home together. But you promise that we'll play together, all four of us, and that we will all be sisters until the end of time". 

     And they did !

Sandra and Sierra_edited_edited.jpg

     It is great to have a sister, but it's even better to have three. First thing we do every morning, after we have breakfast, is go to kitten school. Actually kitten school comes to us ! We love to listen to the wonderful stories our sisters read to us. We want to learn as much as we can, so that we never run out of topics to discuss among the four of us.

Sandra and Sierra listening to stories v1.jpg

     But our favorite time of the day is cuddle time. That's when we relax, and slowly close our eyes and start purring to our sisters, because we are in safe, loving hands, and we are so happy !

     You see, rough beginnings do have happy endings.

Sandra and Sierra with their sisters_edited.jpg
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